[Preview] WowGo 2S Range Test

What I’m working on

So, I’m working on a post/video for the WowGo 2S electric longboard. I’m doing a range test in two of the three different modes and I’m also going to be doing a “highway” and a “city” range test. I have that pretty much wrapped up… I’m in the midst of doing the final high-speed city test right now, but, we’re not done…yet.

As I said in my first post: I plan on dishing out quotes throughout my posts. There’s another quote that I like for this week which I think is very relevant to me, as a person, is “don’t let perfect be the enemy of good”. And, unfortunately, I think I’ve let that happen to me for this next video that I’m working on. I’ve spent way too much time trying to get video overlays working and trying to get additional camera angles, etc. Because of this, it’s taken more time than I originally budgeted. WowGo Promotion

Why I’m working on it

The reason why I’m publishing this “preview” post/video instead of the actual video:

  1. The actual video’s not done yet
  2. WowGo is having a promotion to publish a video about their boards on YouTube, and that promotion ends on November 30th (see image on the right).
    • We’re right down to the wire. I’m going to put out this “preview” post/video to “hold you over” until the full video is ready.


Touching on their board a bit, I’m a huge fan. For $400 brand new, I think this is one of the best boards that you can could buy - beginner or not. They somewhat market it to a beginner due to its price, but it really has everything that a beginner or advanced rider would need. Unfortunately, I haven’t ridden any other electric longboards so I don’t have anything to really compare it to (which is why I’m not doing a full review, I’m only doing a range test). Having a max speed of 24 MPH, max range of [wait and see!], and a handle that’s really easy to carry, what more does one want out of a board like this!?

I know that Boosted makes some really nice boards, RIP to Boosted… but from reading on the forums, the one thing that they really tell you about this WowGo 2S is it’s really easy to upgrade to the Paris trucks and this is the first upgrade you should look at. While I haven’t done this… yet, the new boards that they’ve come out with, all have the Paris trucks so it’s great to see that they’ve took some notes from the community.

Unrelated (don’t be a squid)

I’m currently in the midst of doing the high-speed highway range test and I’m doing a very poor example by being a squid (squirrely kid) right now. As I’m going to say in the full video, always wear your brain bucket! It doesn’t make you any tougher to not wear a helmet. There’s a reason why seat-belts are illegal to not wear…


Anywho, that’s about a wrap for now. We’ll see you very shortly once the full range test is published. Looking forward to that! Additionally, I’ll leave a recommended video that I found while doing some electric skateboard research. I found a guy that was doing a review of a board and the camera angles that he was shooting at were blowing my mind. I didn’t know if he had an… expert drone flyer (?) that was flying around and shooting footie of him or how exactly he was managing to get those angles.

Spoiler alert, it's with a... (click to see spoiler) 360° camera on a selfie stick

Pretty cool video!

Catch you very soon…

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