First (of many)

Good evening, world!

Matt Popovich here.

Above is the first video of my YouTube channel.

I want to give a bit of an intro on what I plan on doing on that channel. I expect I’ll be periodically updating this type of video/post as things evolve, but I just wanted to put something out there to get the ball rolling.

For starters, I’m sure you’re wondering:

  • “Why does this guy have a mustache?”
    • (I don’t know)
  • “And why is his mustache so thick?”
    • (I also don’t know)
  • “And why does he have such a poor attempt at an afro going on?”
    • (I really don’t know)

I agree with all of those, all great questions..but, unfortunately, I don’t really have an answer for you. It’s a weird time that we’re in right now: People are quarantined, people are working from home, people are not even working… If anything, I think we’re experiencing history and if you take a step back and think about that, that’s pretty crazy.

Big quote guy

I’m a big quote guy, as I’m sure you’ll learn. One that I want to share here is from from Vladimir Lenin: “There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen”. And I think we’re experiencing the latter right now.

How I got here

Part of being quarantined and working from home means I have a lot of extra time on my hands. Not a lot, but… some extra time on my hands. I first consistently started watching YouTube about four years ago when my two roommates got me into it. I started to watch content creators and follow their stories and I started to see YouTube’s appeal as maybe not a TV replacement, but definitely as a TV complement. I’ve always been interested in photography and videography. As my friends will tell you, I’m constantly snapping pictures and taking videos of them and everything that I do! And since then, I’ve periodically recorded myself doing random things throughout the years: everything from fixing cars to fixing iPhones to shooting some sick drone footy (SiCk DrOnE FoOtY) to making my best Shaun White impression to personal finance to being active to current events and politics…and I want to share those things with people.

Where I’m going

I’m more interested in sharing things that I can’t exactly find online. I want to sort of “give back” to the community, the community that has helped me fix so many things and given me so many new perspectives. I want to do the same. So while I primarily want to put tutorial videos up, I don’t really want to limit my channel to anything.

I see a lot of people suggesting to beginner YouTubers to keep your channel to a “niche”, such as cooking, gardening, or something specific. I somewhat disagree. I don’t really want to constrain myself to anything. Whatever I’m working on, or whatever I come up with, I want to share…so… That’s the plan!


I plan on duplicating a lot of these videos in text on my newly born website, And… that’s that! I’m excited. I don’t have particularly high hopes, but, at the same time, if I can help a couple of people out, maybe put a few smiles on a few faces, then I think it’ll all be worth it.

I’m looking forward to it, and I hope to see you all soon.



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